2016 Oct 2nd – 灵命之旅 -(十五)悔改与恢复 Spiritual journey: (15) Repentance and restoration – Ps GT Lim

蒙福主日 02.10.16

讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 :灵命之旅 -(十五)悔改与恢复
Title : Spiritual journey: (15) Repentance and restoration
经文 :民 Num 12

1) 慈爱的神也会发怒
Loving God can be angered too: v9
i) 攻击领袖乃严重罪
Attacking leaders is a serious sin:
a) 相等于轻看神智慧
Equivalent to despising God’s wisdom
b) 神仆人神自会管教
God will discipline His own servants
c) 越权相等于夺神权
Over-stepping authority is like snatching God’s authority
ii) 神看重谦卑与顺服
God values humility and obedience: v3
iii) 不悔改后果很惨重
Very severe consequences if unrepentant:
*民Num 16:31-35, 46-50

2) 真悔改后才能恢复
Restoration only after real repentance
i) 不狡辩承认自己错
Admitting wrong without arguing: v11
ii) 虽被赦免但有罪果
Consequences of sin despite being forgiven:
* v10, 14-15
iii) 恢复前隔离的原因
Reasons for quarantine before restoration:
a) 恐怕会传染给别人
Might spread to others
b) 有些管教是必须的
Some disciplinary actions are necessary
c) 一段时间观察态度
Time period to observe attitude