2016 June 12th – 灵命之旅:(六)有些话绝对不可说 – Ps. GT Lim

蒙福主日 12.06.16 讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 :灵命之旅:(六)有些话绝对不可说
Title : Spiritual journey: (6) Certain words must never be spoken
经文 Scripture :民 Numbers 11, 14, 21

1) 有些状况使人埋怨
Certain situations cause people to grumble
i) 不满足于现况时候
When not satisfied with current situation: *11:4-6
ii) 不相信神应许时候
When not believing in God’s promises:
iii) 感觉生活辛苦时候
When feeling life is tough: 21:4-9

2) 有些话绝对惹怒神
Certain words will certainly trigger God’s anger
i) 当你说神给的不好
What God gave is not good: 11:6,10
ii) 当你说神刻意害你
God intentionally trapped you: 14:3; 21:5
iii) 当你说没信主更好 Better not to believe in God:
11:20c; 14:2-4; 21:5a

3) 惹怒神没人能救你
No one can save you when you trigger God’s anger
i) 神让你死在贪婪中
God lets you die in your greed: 11:18-20, 33-34
ii) 神让你走不进应许
God stops you from entering the promise:
* 14:29-30a, 35
iii) 神就照你的话成就
God will fulfill your words: 21:6