2021-04-04 (Sunday Service 主日) 赦免他们 ! Forgive them! – Ps. GT Lim

蒙福主日(复活节) 04.04.202
讲员:林義忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 : 赦免他们!
Title : Forgive them
经文 : 路Luke 23:32-49

1) 耶稣所经历的伤害
All the hurts Jesus went through: * 赛Isaiah 53:2-7
i) 难以形容肉身之苦
Indescribable physical pain and suffering
ii) 众叛亲离情感出卖
Betrayal and abandonment by loved ones:
* 路Luke 22:47-48; 可Mk. 14:50
iii) 赤裸裸被讥诮羞辱
Mocked and humiliated in naked shame:
* 路Lk. 23:35-36; 约John 19:23-24

2) 却求天父赦免他们
Yet asking the Father to forgive them: v34
i) 人被罪和魔鬼蒙蔽
People blinded by sins and the devil
ii) 神要我们也赦免人
God wants us to forgive others too:
* 太Mt. 6:12, 14-15
iii) 不赦免也不被赦免
Not be forgiven too if do not forgive:
* 太Mt. 6:14-15