2020 Jun 21st – 做错决定的父亲 The fathers who made the wrong decision – Ps. GT Lim

蒙福主日 (父亲节) 21.06.20
讲员: 林義忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题: 做错决定的父亲
Title: The fathers who made the wrong decision
经文 Scripture: 太 Matthew 6:31-34

1) 没先求神的国和义
Did not seek God’s Kingdom and righteousness first: *太Mt. 6:33
i) 凭眼见而非靠信心
Relied on sight and not faith: *创Gen. 13:10
ii) 以地上生活为优先
Prioritised earthly living: *创Gen. 13:11-12; 得Ruth 1:1-2
iii) 没顾及神有没同在
Did not consider the presence of God: *创Gen. 13:13; 得Ruth 1:6

2) 错误决定惨痛下场
Terrible consequences of a wrong decision
i) 生活忧伤没有平安
Sorrowful life with no peace: *彼后2Pet. 2:6-8; 得Ruth 1:3-5
ii) 家破人亡失去所有
Lost all and deaths in the family: *创Gen. 19:23-26; 得Ruth 1:19-21
iii) 然而神依然有怜悯
However God was still merciful: *创Gen. 19:15-17; 得Ruth 4:13-15