2020 Jun 14th – 传福音的腓利 Philip the evangelist – Ps. GT Lim

讲员:林義忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 : 传福音的腓利
Title : Philip the evangelist
经文 : 徒 Acts 8:1-17, 26-40

1) 每人呼召恩赐不同
Each has different calling and gifts
i) 被分散去宣讲基督
Scattered to proclaim the Christ: v5
ii) 医病赶鬼大有欢喜
Healing and deliverance and great joy: * v5-8
iii) 信徒未被圣灵充满
Believers not filled with the Holy Spirit yet: * v12-17

2) 顺服神指示和带领
Obeyed God’s instruction and leading: * v26-40

i) 真顺服不问为什么
True obedience does not ask why: v26-27

ii) 对圣灵带领很敏锐
Very sensitive to the Spirit’s leading: * v29, 39

iii) 忠心继续宣传福音
Continued to preach the Gospel faithfully:
* v40; 21:8-9