2020 April 12th – 2020年的逾越节 The Passover 2020 – Ps. GT Lim

12.04.2020 (Ps. GT Lim)

主题: 2020年的逾越节
Title: The Passover 2020

经文Scripture: 出Ex. 12:1-14; 24-42

1) 最像最初的逾越节 Most similar to the first Passover
i) 外面有灾殃和死亡 Plague and death outside: * 出Ex. 11:4-5; 12:12-13
ii) 每个人必须留在家 Everyone must stay at home: v46
iii) 全家要一起吃晚餐 Whole family eat together: v8-9

2) 最初逾越节的祝福 The blessings of the first Passover
i) 羔羊的血救了全家 The blood of the Lamb saved the whole family: v7, 13, 27
ii) 脱离埃及得着自由 Set free from Egypt: v31-32
iii) 埃及财富转入手中 Wealth from Egypt transferred to them:* v33-36

3) 可学习的实际功课 Practical lessons to learn
i) 学习分享不要浪费 Learn to share and not waste: v4
ii) 细心听从所有指示 Listen to and follow every instruction carefully: v5-11
iii) 走神的路不可耽延 Do not delay in embarking on God’s journey: * v11, 39