2020 April 5th – 通达时务 Understand the times – Ps. GT Lim

Ps. GT Lim 05.04.2020

主题: 通达时务
Title: Understand the times

经文: 代上1 Chron. 12:23-40

1) 懂神的时间和心 Know God’s timing and heart
i) 跟随合神心意的人 Follow person after God’s own heart: v23
ii) 懂此刻神要做什么Know what God wants to do now: v32
iii)同心欢乐建立神国Building the kingdom of God with one heart and joy: v38-40

2) 趁着白日多做主工 Do more of God’s work while it is day: * 约John 9:1-5
i) 放错焦点浪费时间Wasting time focusing on wrong things: * v1-3
ii) 时刻做光彰显天父Be the light to manifest the Father at all times: v3, 5
* 太Matt. 5:14-16
iii)拯救灵魂刻不容缓Saving souls wasting no time: v4
* 创Gen. 9:1, 7
* 徒Acts 2:46-47