2020 March 29th – 史上最长限制令 The longest restriction order ever – Ps. GT Lim

29.03.20 (Ps. GT Lim)

主题: 史上最长限制令
Title: The longest restriction order ever

经文: 创Gen. 6:5-22; 7:1-12

1) 世界有毒要隔离 To separate from poison of the world: * 6:11-13
i) 彻底与世界隔离 Separated from the world completely
ii) 惟独领受神的话 Only receiving the Word of God
iii) 父亲乃属灵领袖 The father is the spiritual leader

2) 隔离期间做什么 What to do during the separation
i) 培养与家人关系 Cultivate relationship with family
ii) 调整新生活方式 Adjust to your new lifestyle
iii) 建立家庭的祭坛 Build your family altar

3) 隔离之后的生命 Life after the separation
i) 神排第一敬畏神 God first, fear God: 8:18-20
ii) 生养众多遍满地 Fruitful and increase in number: 9:1, 7
iii) 负责任重新启动 Be responsible to restart: 9:7-11