2020 March 22nd – 主日 – 义人的口 – Sunday Service – The mouth of the righteous man

主题 : 义人的口
Title : The mouth of the righteous man
经文: 诗Psalm 37:30-31

1) 注意口中的话 Watch the words from your mouth
i) 只说智慧的话 Speak only words of wisdom: 箴Prov. 15:2; 诗Ps. 49:3
ii) 只说生命的话 Speak only words of life: 箴Prov. 18:21
iii)只说造就的话 Speak only edifying words: 弗Eph. 4:29

2) 祷告也要正确 Pray correctly as well: 诗Ps. 77:7-15
i) 不要负面小信 Not negative or faithless: v7-9
ii) 思想宣告真理 Meditate on and declare God’s truths: v10-12
iii)专注于神能力 Fix your eyes on God’s power: v13-15