2019 Dec 29th 感恩的心自然会奉献 Giving flows spontaneously from a grateful heart – Ps. GT Lim

蒙福主日 29.12.19
讲员:林義忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 : 感恩的心自然会奉献
Title : Giving flows spontaneously from a grateful heart

Gave spontaneously because of victory
—— 亚伯拉罕Abraham: 创Gen. 14:14-20
i) 夺回被掳财物和人
Recovered goods and people taken: v14-16
ii) 自然拿出十分之一
Gave a tenth of everything spontaneously: v20
iii) 地上万族因他得福
All peoples on earth blessed through him:
*15:1; 12:2-3

Gave spontaneously because of survival
—— 雅各Jacob: 创Gen. 28:20-22
i) 最基本的衣食住行
The most basic food, shelter and clothing
ii) 自然献上十分之一
Spontaneously gave a tenth: v22
iii) 影响世界的以色列
Israel is impacting the whole world: v13-15

Gave spontaneously because of salvation
—— 撒该Zacchaeus: 路Luke 19:1-10
i) 耶稣愿意为他停留
Jesus willing to stop for him: v5-7
ii) 自然献上超过一半
Spontaneously gave more than half: v8
iii) 救恩临到穷人蒙福
Salvation came and the poor blessed: v8-10