2019 Nov 17th – 悔改归向神 Repent and return to God – Ps. GT Lim

蒙福主日 17.11.19

讲员:林義忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 : 悔改归向神
Title : Repent and return to God
经文 : 路 Luke 15:11-24

Our sinful human nature
i) 觉得是自己应得
Feel entitled: v12
ii) 不感恩不重感情
Ungrateful and not appreciating relationship: v13
iii) 喜欢走自己的路
Prefer own path: v13

What is true repentance
i) 心思意念的转变
Transformation of mind and attitude: v17-19
a) 发现自己是罪人
Realize you are a sinner
b) 会悔悟所做所为
Regret and remorse over own actions
c) 怪自己不怪他人
Blame yourself and not others
ii) 会流露正确行动
Will manifest right actions
a) 于是起来回家去
Get up and go home: v20
b) 停止或转离罪行
Discontinue or turn away from sin
c) 越走越靠近父神
Will get closer to Father God as you walk along: v20-24
iii) 谦卑愿为主而活
Willing to live for God humbly: v19, 21