2019 Nov 10th – 第一件神迹 The First Miracle – Bro. Wei Hong

蒙福主日 10.11.19

讲员:高伟宏弟兄 (Bro. Wei Hong)
Title : The First Miracle
经文:约John 2:1-11

Before the miracle happened
i) 耶稣被邀请赴宴
Jesus was invited to the wedding: v1-2
ii) 乃按耶稣的时间
According to Jesus’ time: v4
iii) 人的信心与顺服
Man’s faith and obedience: v5, 7-8

The purpose of the miracle
i) 乃是叫人得帮助
To provide help
ii) 彰显上帝的荣耀
To reveal God’s glory: v11
iii) 叫人相信跟随主
People would believe and follow the Lord: v11