2019 Feb 24th – 追梦还是追神 Chasing dream or chasing God – Ps. GT Lim

蒙福主日 24.02.19

讲员:林義忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
Title : Chasing dream or chasing God
经文:创Gen. 37:1-11

1) 若只为梦想而活
If you live just for your dream
i) 若追错梦怎么办
What if you are chasing the wrong dream?
ii) 若追不到怎么办
What if you cannot achieve your dream?
iii) 若追到了又怎样
So what if you have achieved your dream?
2) 约瑟但以理之例
Examples of Joseph and Daniel
i) 没有被梦想左右
Not controlled by their dream:
*创Gen. 37:28; 39:1-4, 16-23
*但Dan. 1:3-5, 8-9; 6:13-17
ii) 没刻意追求梦想
Did not intentionally chase after dream:
*创Gen. 41:33-34, 39-44; 但Dan. 5:16-17, 29
iii) 追梦者易受迷惑
Dream chasers can be easily deceived:
*太Mt. 4:8-9

3) 何时何地何境遇
No matter when, where and what circumstance
i) 都有耶和华同在
Always had the presence of God:
*创Gen. 39:2-3, 20-23
ii) 都立志不得罪神
Determined not to sin against God:
*创Gen. 39:9-10; 但Dan. 1:8
iii) 都立志只荣耀神
Determined to just glorify God:
*创Gen. 41:15-16; 但Dan. 2:26-28