2019 Feb 17th – 不认错 Unrepentant Bro. Wei Hong

蒙福主日 17.02.19

讲员:高伟宏弟兄 (Bro. Wei Hong)
Title : Unrepentant
经文:创Gen. 3

1) 亚当夏娃的反应
Adam and Eve’s response
i) 遮掩自己的丑陋
Covered own ugliness: v7
ii) 害怕躲避耶和华
Afraid and hid from the Lord: v8-10
iii) 不认错还找借口
Unrepentant and looked for excuses: v11-13

2) 不肯认错的后果
Consequences for being unrepentant
i) 失去与神的亲密
Lost the intimacy with God: v8-10
ii) 更多地上的痛苦
More sufferings on earth: v16-19
iii) 失去原有的祝福
Lost the initial blessings: v23-24