2018 Nov 11th – 受造有原因 Created for a purpose – Ps GT Lim

蒙福主日 11.11.18

讲员:林義忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
Title : Created for a purpose
经文:诗Psalm 139:13-18

1) 我们乃神所造
We are created by God: v13-16
i) 非常精心设计
Painstakingly designed: v13-15
ii) 神最清楚构造
God knows our makeup the best
iii) 被生下有原因
Born for a purpose: v16
*耶Jer 1:4-8

2) 受造奇妙可畏
Fearfully and wonderfully made: v14
i) 蒙福生养众多
Blessed to be fruitful and to increase:
*创Gen 1:26-28
ii) 拥有极大潜能
Possessing great potential
iii) 当向神求智慧
Seek wisdom from God:
*诗Psalm 90:10-12; 雅James 1:5