2018 May 13th – In God we trust 我们依靠上帝 – Sis. Chiew Ling

蒙福主日 13.05.18

讲员:郑秋霖姐妹 (Sis. Chiew Ling)
Title In God we trust
经文:赛Isa. 8

1) 上帝在审判中的怜悯
God is merciful in judgement:
*v5-10; 出Ex. 34:7
2) 敬畏上帝超乎一切
Fear God above all:
* v11-13; 诗Ps. 76:7; 路Lk.12:4-5
3) 相信等候因祂是圣所磐石
Believe and wait for He is the Sanctuary, the Rock:
*v14-18; 1 Pet. 2:4-8

4) 不要跟随世界的潮流
Do not follow the trend of the world:
*v19-22, 约三Jn.3 v11, 罗Rom. 12:2; 太Mt. 7:13-14
5) 以上帝的话为标准
Let God’s word be the standard:
*v19-22, 诗Ps. 119:105