2018 Feb 18th – 求两件事 Two things to ask – Ps. GT Lim

蒙福主日(初三) 18.02.18

讲员:林義忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
Title Two things to ask
经文:箴Prov. 30:5-9

1) 远离虚假和谎言
Be far from falsehood and lies: v8
i) 不做魔鬼的孩子
Not to be the devil’s child:
*约John 8:44
ii) 也远离这样的人
Keep away from such people too
iii) 撒谎者必下地狱
Liars will go to hell: 启Rev. 21:8

2) 不贫穷也不富足
To be not poor nor rich: v8
i) 是一种心态问题
A matter of attitude
ii) 不为生活得罪神
Not to sin for living: v9
iii) 不因高傲忘记神
Not forgetting God because of pride