2017 Nov 26th – 蓖麻树下 Under the vine – Bro. Wei Hong

蒙福主日 26.11.17

讲员:高伟宏弟兄 (Bro. Wei Hong)
Title : Under the vine
经文 :约拿书 Jonah 4

1) 约拿向神发怒
Jonah was angry with God
i) 因神恩待尼尼微
God was gracious to Nineveh: *3:10
ii) 觉得失去了颜面
He felt he was humiliated: *v2
iii) 两次贸然地求死
He hastily wished to die twice: *v3,8

2) 神慈爱的反应
God responded in love and mercy
i) 没有斥责与发怒
God neither rebuked nor was He angry with Jonah: *v4, 9a
ii) 让约拿安静思考
God let Jonah ponder on the matter
iii) 彰显慈爱的心意
God showed His loving-kindness: *v10-11