2016 August 7th 灵命之旅 – (十) 分担重任 Spiritual journey: Burden – sharing (10) Ps GTLim

蒙福主日 07.08.16

讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)

主题 :灵命之旅 – (十)分担重任
Title : Spiritual journey: (10) Burden – sharing

经文 :出 Ex. 18:9-26

1) 服事神当使用智慧
Exercise wisdom to serve God
i) 独自一人办理不了
One person cannot handle all alone: v18
ii) 最终大家都会累垮
Ultimately all will grow weary: v18
iii) 百姓要明白及接受
The people must understand and accept

2) 明白领袖优先任务
Understand leader’s work priorities
i) 代祷与教导神的话
Interceding and teaching God’s Word: *v19-20
ii) 拣选适当人选服事
Selecting the right people to serve: v21
iii) 处理大事分配小事
Handling difficult while allocating simple cases: