2016 August 14th – Wild Grapes 野葡萄 – Sis. Chiew Ling

蒙福主日 14.08.16

讲员:郑秋霖姐妹 (Sis. Chiew Ling)
主题 :野葡萄
Title : Wild Grapes
经文 :以赛亚书 Isaiah 5

1) 上帝照顾葡萄园
The Lord cared for the vineyard: v1-7
i) 上帝已经为我们预备一切了
The Lord had prepared and done all
ii) 上帝期望葡萄结好果子
The Lord expected good fruit: v2
iii) 我们结什么果子?
What fruit are we bearing?: v2

*野葡萄 – 不能吃, 酸,苦,没有用处
Wild grapes – inedible, sour, bitter, worthless

2) 野葡萄结果如何?
What happened to wild grapes?: v5-6, 8-30
i) 被咒诅
Woe to them: v8, 11, 20, 21, 22
*“祸哉” - 受咒诅,蒙福的反义词
“Woe” – cursed, the opposite of blessed
ii) 他们没有注意上帝的作为
They didn’t pay attention to the working of God: v12
iii) 他们中间没有领袖,没有神的启示
There were no leaders, no revelation from God:
iv) 阴间扩大,许多人沉沦
Hell expanded and many were lost: v14
v) 他们傲慢目中无人
They were arrogant and defiant: v18-23
vi) 上帝的审判临到他们
God’s judgment came upon them: v24-30