2016 May 1st – 服事神 Serving God – Bro. Philip Bong

蒙福主日 01.05.16 讲员:黄锡凌弟兄 (Bro. Philip Bong)
主题 :服事神
Title : Serving God
经文 Scripture :撒上 1 Sam. 17

The confirmation by the word of God: 出Ex. 23:25
2)祝福 The Blessing: v25
i) 大财-经济 (物质)
Great wealth – in finance (material gain)
ii) 将女儿给他为妻-身份提升,权柄 (不再自卑)
Would give daughter in marriage – promotion, authority (no longer feeling inferior)
iii) 免纳粮-债务免除(神超自然供应)
Exempt from taxes – cancellation of debts (God would provide supernaturally)

3)会被攻击 Would be attacked: v28
4)离开负面 Turned away from the negative: v30
5)依靠神 Relied on God: v45
6)期望效果 Expected results: v47