2016 April 24th – The Feast of Unleavened Bread 无酵节 – Sis. Chiew Ling

蒙福主日 24.04.16 讲员:郑秋霖姐妹 (Sis. Chiew Ling)
主题 :无酵节
Title : The Feast of Unleavened Bread
经文 Scripture :出 Ex. 12:15-20 利 Lev. 23:5-8

1) 为什么在逾越节之后,就马上庆祝无 酵节?
Why Feast of Unleavened Bread right after Passover? :利Lev 2:11
i) 释放过后,得过圣洁生活 After deliverance, live a holy life.
ii) 七天乃是个旅程 Seven days is a journey.

2) 为何必须除掉所有的酵? Why must all leaven be removed?
i) 发过酵的面包好吃
Leavened bread tastes good: 箴Pro 9:17-18
ii) 发过酵的面包好看
Leavened bread looks great: 路Lk 12:1
iii) 只需一点点酵
It only takes a little yeast. 加Gal 5:9

3) 让我们除掉我们生命中的酵吧 Let’s remove leaven from our lives
i) 存心刻意 Intentionally
ii) 彻彻底底 Thoroughly
iii) 小心翼翼 Painstakingly
iv) 牺牲付出 Sacrificially