2016 April 17th 能被神使用的人 One that can be used by God – Bro. Wei Hong

蒙福主日 17.04.16 讲员:高伟宏弟兄 (Bro. Wei Hong)
主题 :能被神使用的人
Title : One that can be used by God
经文 :士师记 Judges 11 Scripture

1) 身份背景不是最重要
Identity and background is not the most
i) 乃是妓女的儿子 Son of a prostitute: v1-2
ii) 不受家人的接纳
Not accepted by family members: v2

2) 神同在乃是先决条件
Having the presence of God is the prerequisite
i) 人自然会想起你
Others would naturally think of you: v5-6
ii) 靠耶和华而得胜
Victorious through the Lord: v29-32

3) 有良好的反应与态度 Positive respond and good attitude
i) 以和平止息纷争
Stopped disputes peacefully: v12-28
ii) 不但许愿也还愿
Made a vow and fulfilled it: v30-31, 34-39