2015 December 6th – A very small matter 最小的事 – Ps GT Lim

蒙福主日 06.12.15 讲员:林淑芳姐妹 (Sis. Lim Siok Hong)
Title : A very small matter
主题 最小的事
经文 Scripture :路Luke 16:10 ; 19:17

1) At the start of a ministry, God usually entrusts us with something small
开拓一个事工之前,神往往先托付我 们一些小事
i) A small burden 一个小负担
ii) Doing what we knew, using what we have 做我们会的,用我们有的
iii) Making do. Managing with inadequate means or resources 善于使用仅有的

2) Faithfulness in little things leads to greater responsibilities
i) Growth 成长
ii) More support 更多支持
iii) More work 更多任务

3) Our motivation must always be our Lord’s approval
i) Focus 专注
ii) Pure hearts 清洁的心
4) Your plenty will supply what they need 你们的富余可以补他们的不足
* 2 Cor. 林后 8:14

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