2015 Jan 11th 经济好转之路 The path to financial improvement – Ps. GT Lim

蒙福主日 11.01.15 讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 :经济好转之路
Title : The path to financial improvement
经文 :玛 Malachi 3:6-12 Scripture

1) 为什么当守奉献
Why must we observe offerings?
i) 表达感恩与敬意
Expressing gratitude and reverence
ii) 神要释放与赐福
God wants to set free and bless
a) 断开贪财的捆绑
Break the bondage of greed: 弗Eph. 5:5
b) 破除贫穷的咒诅 Destroy the curse of poverty
iii) 神不改变的原则 God’s unchanging principle
* 摩西与律法之前 Before Moses and the Law:
* 创 Gen. 14:17-20; 28:20-22 * 新约重申的原则
Reiterated in the New Testament: * 林后 2Cor. 9: 6-11

2) 遵守奉献的利益
Benefits of observing offerings:
* 玛 Malachi 3: 9-12
i) 咒诅临不到我们
The curse will not come on us: v9
* 创世记的咒诅 The curse of Genesis: 创Gen. 3: 17-19
ii) 蒙福至无处可容
Blessed beyond measure: v10
iii) 事业产业蒙看顾
Work and wealth watched over: v11
iv) 机会收成蒙保护
Opportunities and harvests protected: v11
v) 万国称你为有福
All nations call you blessed: v12
vi) 家园所有满喜乐
Home and all you have filled with joy: v12

3) 为何人不守奉献 Why do people not observe offerings?
i) 不信真理信谎言 Believe in lies rather than Truth
ii) 依然被金钱捆绑 Still bound by money
iii) 不怕夺取神之物 Not afraid of robbing God: v8-9

4) 几句忠言来相劝
Some words of wisdom as advice
i) 是投资不是抽税 Investment not tax
ii) 是得着不是损失 Receiving not losing
iii) 是加添不是减少 Increasing not decreasing
iv) 不种岂能有收成 No harvest without sowing
v) 不信岂能有神迹 No miracle without believing
vi) 不行岂能说相信 No faith without action

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