2014 October 26th – 但以理的适应能⼒ Daniel’s ability to adapt – Pastor GTLim

蒙福主⽇日 26.10.14 讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 :但以理的适应能⼒
Title : Daniel’s ability to adapt
经文 Scripture :但 Daniel 1

1) 年少成长的经历
Experiences during growing years
i) 被掳离乡的⼼心情
Feeling of taken captive away from home: v1-3
ii) 全新环境的挑战
Challenges of totally new environment: v3-5

2) ⽣生活事业的考验 Trials of life and career
i) 上司的苛刻要求
Harsh demands of the superior: 但Dan 2:1-13
ii) 下属的分门别类
Diversity of subordinates: *2:47-48

3) 但以理得胜秘诀
Daniel’s secret in overcoming
i) 持守与神的亲密
Maintained intimacy with God: *1:8-9; 6:10
ii) 求神帮助赐智慧
Sought God’s help and wisdom: *1:17; 2:14-19