2014 October 12th – 住棚节的省思 Reflection on the Feast of Tabernacles – Pastor GTLim

蒙福主⽇日 12.10.14 讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 :住棚节的省思
Title : Reflection on the Feast of Tabernacles
经⽂ Scripture :亚 Zech. 14:16-19 ; 申 Deut. 16:13- 17

1) 莫忘单倚靠神⽇日⼦子
Do not forget days when solely dependent on
God: 申 Deut. 8:1-5 i) 没有神就⼀一⽆无所有
Totally nothing without God
* 感恩奉献 Thanksgiving gift:
申 Deut. 16:16-17
ii) 不要因富⾜足⽽而⾼高傲
Do not be proud of your riches:
*申 Deut. 8:12-14, 17-18

2) 主启⽰示住棚节意义
The Lord revealed actual intention of the
*约 Jn. 7:1-11, 37-39
i) 真正满⾜足来⾃自圣灵
True satisfaction from Holy Spirit: * v37
ii) 有神充满就有⽣生命
You will have life when filled by God: * v38