2014 July 13th – 大卫对神计划的态度 David’s attitude towards God’s plan – Pastor GT Lim

蒙福主日 13.07.14 讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 :大卫对神计划的态度
Title : David’s attitude towards God’s plan

1) 认知与感恩神计划
Acknowledge and grateful for God’s plan
i) 神从始至终的计划
God’s plan from beginning to end:
*诗Ps. 139:13-16
ii) 神的拣选眷顾塑造
God’s choosing, caring and moulding : *代上1Chron. 17:7-8, 16-18

2) 我们当有同样看见
We should have similar insight
i) 我们都有极大潜能
We all have great potential: *诗Ps. 139:16
ii) 感恩相信将成美好
Grateful and believe will become perfect:
*传Ecc. 3:1, 9-11; 罗Rom. 8:28-30