2014 April 27th 家庭小组的重要 : The importance of house-groups – Ps GTLim

主题 Title: 家庭小组的重要 : The importance of house-groups
经文 Scripture:徒 Acts 2:40-47
蒙福主日 27.04.14 讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)

1) 家人本会聚一起 Family will gather together
i) 彼此相爱和关怀
Love and care for one another: v44-45
* 约 John 13:34-35
ii) 同心同灵同异象
One heart, one spirit, one vision: v46-47 * 腓 Php. 2:1-4
iii) 才能了解羊景况
May know condition of the flocks: * 箴 Proverbs 27:23

2) 主喜悦主必赐福
Pleasing to God and He will bless
i) 主也常在家聚会
Jesus often had meeting in various homes too:
* 路 Luke 4:38-41; 可 Mark 2:1-5
ii) 全家得救的机会
Opportunity for household to be saved:
* 徒 Acts 10:21-26, 44-48; 路 Luke 19:5-10
iii) 得神同在与恩膏
Receive presence and anointing of God:
* 诗 Psalms 133; 太 Mt. 10:40-42

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