2013 Nov 10th 最懂你的人 The One who knows you the best – Pastor G.T.Lim With invited guest – 鐘盛忠

蒙福主日 10.11.13 讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题: 最懂你的人
Title : The One who knows you the best
经文 Scripture :诗篇 Psalm 139

1) 最懂而且最关心
Knows and cares for you the most
i) 晓得你言行举止
Knows your words and every action: v1-4
ii) 在乎你生活点滴
Knows every detail of your life: v2-3
iii) 无时无地看顾你
Watches over you all the time and everywhere:

2) 因祂是造你的主
For He is the Lord who created you:
i) 懂你身体每部分
Knows every part of your body: v13-14
ii) 懂你构造与潜能
Knows your make-up and potential: v23-24
iii) 计划你美好未来 Plans your bright future: v16