2013 September 22nd – 权柄的遮盖 – The covering of authority (Part 2) Pastor GT Lim

蒙福主日 22.09.13 讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 :权柄的遮盖 (Part 2)
Title : The covering of authority (Part 2)

2) 如何能失去权柄遮盖 How to lose covering of authority
i) 不谦卑不受教不顺服
Not humble, not teachable, not obedient:
* 创Gen. 3:1-6
ii) 刻意或不自觉的越权
Deliberately or unknowingly over-stepping authority:
iii) 权柄要在权柄下操作
Authority must be exercised under authority:
* 约 John 6:38; 腓 Phil. 2:8-9