2013 1st September – 南风或严冬 South Wind or Harsh Winter – Sister Chiew Ling

蒙福主日 01.09.13 讲员:郑秋霖姐妹 (Sis. Chiew Ling)
主题 :南风或严冬
Title : South Wind or Harsh Winter
经文 :徒 Acts 27: 1- 44 Scripture

1) 微微温柔的南风 The Gentle South Wind
i) 人的经验和智慧
Man’s experience and wisdom v.11
ii) 合宜悦人的情况 Favourable Circumstance v.13
iii) 个人舒适和欲望
One’s comfort and desires v. 12
iv) 时间情况的压力 Pressurized by situation v.9
v) 经历损失和延迟
Loss and delay v. 18-19, 27, 38, 41

2) 严冬,风暴和沉船 Winter, Storm and Shipwreck
i) 亲近神并且先知
Close to God, prophetic v. 9-10, 21-25
ii) 顺服在上的权柄 Submitted to authority
iii) 平安镇定与成熟 Calm, at peace & mature
iv) 信神旨意必成全
Believed that God’s will will prevail
v) 带来盼望和拯救 Brought hope and saved lives v. 21-25, 31, 33-37, 42-44