2017 Feb 26th – 最平常且最高的试探 The commonest yet highest temptation – Ps. GTLim

蒙福主日 26.02.17 讲员:林义忠牧师 (Ps. GT Lim)
主题 :最平常且最高的试探
Title : The commonest yet highest temptation
经文 :太Matt.4:8-11 Scripture

Many people fall into this temptation
i) 俗世价值和成功观
Worldly values and idea of success:
* 林后2Cor 4:3-4
ii) 很多基督徒也一样
Many Christians are the same
iii) 专注在财富上祝福 Focusing on financial blessings

2) 探测你是否已掉入
Examine whether you have fallen in
i) 忙事业至不能事奉
Busy with career till cannot serve
ii) 时间和心思的比率
The ratio of time, mind and effort
iii) 你是否在侍奉玛门
Are you serving Mammon: 太Matt. 6:24-27